Swamphen Enterprises provides a range of professional technical consultancy, training and speaking bespoke to your needs


Antennas and RF engineering

At Swamphen Enterprises we have extensive experience with the product design, manufacture, assembly and test of RF antennas. We specialise in the propagation of electromagnetic waves in reflector antennas and radomes, the product design and manufacture of RF components using both traditional and rapid prototyping processes. Also the use of both anechoic and free space test ranges and their automation. We have a large emphasis on the reduction and analysis of data from simulations and test, using these new found insights to improve the design of products.


Data science

Swamphen Enterprises takes raw data and extracts the hidden information from it that is relevant to your business needs. We have worked over a range of different industries including physics, astronomy, teaching, defence and insurance. This covers public and private sectors, large companies and start ups. We specialise in the first look at data. This is typically data no one has used before and we use current techniques in data science to reveal it’s secrets to you.

public speaking

Swamphen Enterprises can offer a range of public speaking opportunities. We have experience talking in front of a variety of audiences including school children, university students, industry professionals, amateur enthusiasts, adult learners and the general public. Talks tend to have a science theme, but cover topics from physics, astronomy, antennas, radar and data science.


At Swamphen Enterprises our training is delivered by qualified and experienced industry professionals. We have experience delivering training in a range of formats, in person or on line. This covers technical topics such as physics, astronomy, engineering, maths, coding and data science. We also have experience in developing soft business skills like presentation, communication and productivity. We partner with other well respected training companies to deliver content for them, companies such as General Assembly.