At Swamphen Enterprises we have extensive experience with the product design, manufacture, assembly and test of RF antennas. We specialise in the propagation of electromagnetic waves in reflector antennas and radomes, the product design and manufacture of RF components using both traditional and rapid prototyping processes.

Our work covers the following areas:

  • A sound understanding of RF simulation software such as HFSS and CST and bespoke written software. Particularly on the analysis of results from these simulations and how they can be used to influence hardware design and fault find.

  • Knowledge of a range of antennas such as passive reflectors, patch, monopulse, tracking radar and novel AESA

  • Experience in the design and use of both anechoic and free space test ranges. This includes deriving axis transforms for the system and system automation.

  • We have a large emphasis on the reduction and analysis of data from simulations and test, using these new found insights to improve the design of products.

  • Experience writing bespoke RF signal processing.

  • Extensive experience using MATLAB for equipment automation, data reduction, system engineering, signal processing and simulations.

I have published a range of papers on various topics covering antennas and radomes, and my PhD thesis title is ‘design, analysis and validation of a twist reflector monopulse antenna system with radome’. To get a copy of my thesis or any of my papers please download from google scholar: